Q&A: Debora + David

My super-cool bride Debora (whose wedding you can read about HERE) recently took time to answer my post-wedding questionnaire, which not only helps me with bettering my wedding planning skills, but also offers some insight to engaged couples everywhere!
Here's what she and her husband David had to say!
[Photo Credit: Jay Reilly Photography]
Hey Krista, 

Thanks again for being part of our wonderful wedding! Once Debora and I got a chance to wind down in Hawaii, we reflected on the evening and just thought how smoothly everything worked out and all thanks to our kick ass coordinator. 

From the bottom of our hearts, you made our most special evening so memorable and so stress free that Hawaii was even better because of the smooth sailing. Thank you for setting us off on the right note! 

All the best, David & Debora 

What are your fondest memories of your wedding day?
When we both cried and seeing both our parents happy, knowing that we had both found each other. And the reception, for what we remember, went by so fast, but the moments caught on camera are priceless!

What part of my service was the most important to you?
Your organization and attention to the details.

What (if anything) would you change?
I do regret a bit that we didn't get the parents to dance more. I felt like with Korean parents, they need a little bit of push to dance, then they will come out and enjoy themselves. Looking at the pictures, they were just sitting down most of the night. We were just having so much fun, I completely forgot about them.

Was the service worth what you paid? Why or why not?
Of course! We know someone else here at work that is going to be married this November and I asked her if she needed a coordinator. She insisted that she wants to do it herself and I was just thinking, "If only she knew how important it is to have no worries that day and it’s all about having a good time."

How would you rate the quality of my service?
If the scale is 1-10, 11! We both agree that you did everything to meet our expectations.

How did you feel after the wedding?
Hung over… oh, you mean right after. Very relieved and just really happy.

Would you recommend me to another bride or groom?
Of course - we already did. We will for other future husband-and-wives-to-be.

What is your #1 tip for engaged couples?
Get a good coordinator cause it’s worth it! Memories for that day should be stress free and a good coordinator will make sure you are both there to get married and to have a blast. Also, we loved taking pictures beforehand. I think it should be a must!

Anything else you'd like to say?
Krista, you made our wedding day feel like we were stars, I’m sure behind the scenes chaos always occurs, but we saw no of that and we thank you once again for making it happen like the movies! As much as David TRIED to help during the planning, it felt very comforting to know that you were there. It made me feel like I had a star player on my team!!! Rock on!