Q&A: Swaicha + Ankit

My amazing bride Swaicha (whose wedding you can read about HERE) recently took time to answer my post-wedding questionnaire, which not only helps me with bettering my wedding planning skills, but also offers some insight to engaged couples everywhere!
Here's what she and her husband Ankit had to say!
[Photo Credit: ©Suthi Picotte of Picotte Photography]

What was the best part of your wedding day?
I loved our ceremony! It was beautifully decorated, it ran very efficiently and people seemed to really enjoy it.

What was unexpected that you loved?
We were ahead of schedule! Never in the history of Indian weddings has one ended 35 minutes ahead of schedule! I also really loved the weather. It was perfect Barat and picture-taking weather!

How do you feel after the wedding?
I’m really happy! I’m married to the greatest man on the planet and, as far as I’m concerned, my wedding was a huge hit and an absolute blast! I felt completely stress-free the day of the wedding, which was my goal and my entire reason for hiring you!

What is your #1 tip for future brides and grooms?
Hire Krista! Well, actually if this is a tip for your brides and grooms, then they’ve already made the best decision of their lives and hired you... So I guess my tip would be to completely trust that you will execute their vision exactly as they wanted it so they can/should completely relax on their wedding day and just party and have a great time!

What part of my service was most important to you?
EVERYTHING! Haha, I appreciated the fact that you dealt with all the vendors. It gets really overwhelming as it gets closer to the day and I was so busy dealing with minute detail things it was really great to not have to deal with contacting vendors and making sure they knew where they had to be when.

What part of my service was least important to you?
Nothing I can really think of. Honestly, there were so many things that you were doing that I had no idea about. I think the most important thing to me is that stuff was getting done and I wasn’t the one that had to do it!

How would you rate my quality of service?
A++++ and I’m a teacher so that has to mean something! You are wonderful. You are super organized and completely with it in a way that is not stressful or overwhelming at all. You are so sweet and as the bride, I felt so much more relaxed knowing that you were taking care of my wedding. Honestly, after meeting you, it never concerned me at all that you’d never done an Indian wedding before. You were organized, completely willing to learn, and so respectful of all our customs and traditions. I knew you’d be great!

Would you recommend me to another bride and groom?
Absolutely YES! Every person I know! And P.S. I’m pretty sure you’ve become the official family wedding coordinator!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I honestly don’t know how anyone plans a wedding without Krista Malinin of KGM Weddings. The moment I met her, I felt so much more relaxed about my big day. I was an Indian bride with a 400+ guest list, a 3-hour ceremony, four extended family photos each with 40+ people, a complete hair, makeup, and outfit change before reception, and a buffet dinner for 47 tables - I needed a wedding coordinator! Krista had never done an Indian ceremony before mine and I now know that mine will not be her last! She was so organized, willing to learn, and so respectful of all our customs and traditions. She 100% executed our vision, kept our families happy, and made sure that my husband and I had the most amazing day of our lives. I would hate for another bride to miss out on that opportunity by not hiring her. She was the best decision I made for my wedding!